Do And Dont's


There are always certain things to be remembered while travelling and one may get know these things only when he is stuck in some situation and it’s too late; so we have prepared a list of do’s and don’ts to which you may refer for your travel convenience.

Always book travel tickets and transportation with authorized dealers.

While packing, keep in mind to travel light and keep a track of luggage limit prescribed by the airlines and don’t exceed the limit.

Do not forget any travel documents and update all important phone numbers for emergency contact.

Do acquaint yourself with seasons and weather of the place your are visiting and carry the clothes and other stuff accordingly as for example do not forget to carry goggles and cap/hat if you are visiting Rajasthan.

Do not drink tap water when in India as it is quite unsafe and always carry a mineral water bottle with you everywhere.

Do ask for an interpreter from your tour operator or hire one while travelling to unusual places to avoid any bitter experience in an unknown country.

Do tell your Tour operator about all your specifications regarding accommodation, food, transportation and other things so that you are provided with the things of your choice avoiding any situation of discomfort.

Do not forget to carry some basic medication in case the food or climate makes you sick. Also, remember when in India, that the Indian food is quite spicy and may not suit your stomach.

When in India, do not use the old currency of 500 and 100 rupee notes which have been banned by the government due to demonetization policy, since November 2016. So take due care of the currency you get in return after exchange and do not accept the old notes from anyone.

Do not leave your stuff like phone and bag unattended while travelling as there is a chance of them getting stolen.

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