Slum Tours Delhi

Duration: 03 Hours

Sanjay Colony is a small slum built on 25 acres of land located in the south of Delhi near the Bahai Lotus Temple and Iskcon temple. Spend 2 hours walking around and visiting small scale businesses, a small temple, a mosque and residential areas. Learn about working and residential life and witness how despite the challenging living conditions it remains an area charged with positive energy and strong community.

Family Lunch: Towards the end of the tour, we will walk to a nearby family home for a vegetarian meal. Not only will you get additional insight into Sanjay Colony, but you’ll provide a local family with some extra income. Get comfortable to feast the local way, sitting on the floor and eating with your hands.

Clothes Recycling & Manufacturing
Many Sanjay Colony families work in the clothing industry. See how materials are painstakingly separated to be recycled and then observe the many factories making the finished items.

Hindu Temple
Visit a small Hindu temple where you will learn about the importance of religion in the residents’ lives.

Residential Life
Uncover the realities of residential life as you wander the narrow lanes with your guide.

Rooftop Visit
In addition to getting an overview of the maze-like tour route, you will get a stunning view of Sanjay Colony!

Family Lunch
After the tour, enjoy a vegetarian lunch in a local family’s home.

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